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SILK PLASTER Liquid wallpaper, which has become very popular in the world  
has arrived in Finland to stay.


Valmis pinta asiakaskohteessa

Master-friendly material - easy to implement, beautiful result!


100% NATURAL MATERIAL. Silk Plaster liquid fabric wallpapers are made of natural materials, they do not contain chemicals.

KEEPS THE ROOM WARM Liquid wallpaper keeps the internal temperature stable - warm or cool, as needed.


GOOD SOUND INSULATOR Liquid wallpaper has an excellent sound attenuation property, which is why users appreciate liquid wallpaper as a very good acoustic enhancer.


QUICK AND EASY TO INSTALL The material itself is very easy to install and does not require any previous experience.

EASY TO MAINTAIN It is good to know that liquid wallpaper does not collect dust due to its antistatic property. It can be brushed and vacuumed if necessary. You also don’t have to worry about discoloration of the walls as the material is UV resistant.

AVAILABLE AGAIN Liquid wallpaper can be removed by wetting and reattached to another wall.

   Nestemäinen tapetti:

  • Se on ympäristöystävällinen;

  • Siinä on paras hinnan ja laadun yhdistelmä;

  • Nopeasti levitettävä ja helposti vaihdettava;

  • Laaja valikoima tekstuureja ja värejä;

  • CE-sertifioitu.

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